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If you’re looking at different ways to learn English, it can be quite overwhelming to choose what’s right for you. Some schools propose traditional group classes one day a week while other courses consist purely of online exercises with no live interaction with a teacher. So where does ‘blended learning’ fit into this? What is it and why is it the best way to learn English?  

Understanding Blended Learning

Blended learning is a combination of self-study activities and classes led by a teacher. At Wall Street English, the self-study activities include: 

You can do this part of your course wherever you want at any time that suits you. 

Lessons with teachers are based almost entirely on speaking activities and give you the chance to confirm, produce and practice what you’ve learnt. These classes are:  

These classes are normally in any Wall Street English Center but are also now available 100% online with our custom-built Digital Classroom technology. 

Why does Blended Learning work?

Blended learning offers you the best of both worlds – the flexibility to study where and when you want, as well as the support and guidance of highly-qualified teachers.  

Traditional courses tend to follow the classical method in which the teacher is the protagonist and presents new languageOn the other extreme, purely self-study courses offer you only the chance to be presented with new language with lots of exercises, but no confirmation or support from a teacher afterwards.  

With blended learning, you become the protagonist because you hear new language and learn to produce it yourself, and then get confirmation and feedback from your teacher. 

Tell me and I forget, 

Involve me and I learn. 

In order to use blended learning, a course must be very carefully structured to align the content and objectives of both the online and in-class material. As a large, international organization, Wall Street English as a global organization has been able to develop curriculum that does exactly that. This means that all the learning activities you do are completely integrated and easy to follow because they are so closely connected. For example, you learn how to ask tourist information by watching a video in which one of the storyline characters does this.  

After which you do some interactive quizzes to learn how to say these phrases and words. The course even has automatic speech recognition technology built-in that gives you instant feedback on your pronunciation while you are learning. Then in your online class you role-play this same situation with one or two other students and your teacher. 

Blended learning as a proven method

Many schools and training organizations are starting to use blended learning and it is certain to become more and more popular in the future. At Wall Street English we have the great advantage of having used this method for almost 50 years. With the development of technology we’ve continually adapted and improved it, and have successfully enabled over 3 million students worldwide to learn English.  

It doesn’t stop there as Wall Street English also offers a unique learning guarantee. Highly qualified teachers assess each individual student in class to make sure they’re ready to move on to the next unit. This makes sure that students are progressing.   

Blended learning is flexible

An important benefit of blended learning is that it is flexible to all types of learners. Whether you’re a university student, a businessperson, or a retiree, blended learning adapts to your needs. You can alter your study rhythm continuously depending on your availability, yet at the same time give you a structured support system to ensure you reach your learning goal.  

Learning English through blended learning is the best choice for any student. Are you ready to start? Try our English test to find out which level you are. 

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