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In the United States, many people decorate their houses for the Christmas holiday. They get a Christmas tree, and put ornaments on the tree. They might put a wreath on the door, or put up some lights outside. The decorations reflect the festive feeling of the holiday season.

When a couple comes from two different religions, it can be hard to come up with a solution for holiday decorating. Hear how Mason and Greta have dealt with this issue in this holiday English lesson.



Greta:  Before we moved in together, you never had a Christmas tree. Is that right?

Mason:  That is correct. I was very against Christmas trees. I felt that the Jewish folk who felt the need to have a Christmas tree were weak and insecure.

Greta:  And now, I was raised on Christmas. But I think we’ve done a pretty good job of bringing the two traditions together, so that, you know, we have a holiday spirit that is both representative of Hanukkah and Christmas.

Mason:  Sure. Our color schemes…

Greta:  It’s true. So we do only blue and white on the tree, and you have a big Star of David on your stocking.

Mason:  What’s so funny is that, you know, really no one else in the neighborhood has the holiday spirit and decorates. We’re kind of the only ones.

Greta:  It’s true. And you put up Christmas lights every year now.

Mason:  I’m not so excited to put the decorations up this year, because we’re gonna be out of town for most of the time.

Greta:  You will definitely put the Christmas lights up, because we have the timer, and so they can go on at night and off in the day, whether anyone is home to turn them on or not.

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