Learn English with this relaxation English lesson – Acupuncture

by learn a language journalist

Brian:  So, you have done acupuncture before?

Jessica:  I have. I had a friend in college who convinced me to go have acupuncture treatments done. I was a little skeptical at first. But once I got there and they showed me the needles, which was really scary, I found out how relaxing it can be.

Brian:  I’m afraid of even giving blood. And I hear it’s really relaxing, but…

Jessica:  Brian, you have to be open to the experience. Because honestly, I don’t like getting my blood drawn. I’m pretty terrified of needles. But these are very painless, and you don’t even realize that you have needles in you. I found it to be so relaxing that I would fall asleep while I was having the acupuncture treatment done.

Brian:  Do you regularly do it?

Jessica:  Not anymore, but I used to. I was doing it weekly.

Brian:  Well, maybe I would be open to the experience. And if that worked out, who knows? I could become a practitioner.

Jessica:  There you go.

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