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Learning French is always a good idea despite some people thinking that it is a waste of time and resources. As an official language in five different continents, precisely in 29 countries all over the world, one of the six languages of the UN and one of three languages that have a higher status in the
European Union
, French is the fifth most spoken language in the world.

For those still in doubt whether they should learn this language, here are the 7 reasons why you should start learning French in 2021.

A Variety of Business Opportunities

At the moment, France is the fifth-largest economy in the world. Therefore, learning the language can help you with your career. And that’s not all.

Knowing French doesn’t only help you build your career in France. You can use this advantage in other French-speaking countries, such as Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, or many countries in Africa.

Besides, French is still the world’s
lingua franca
so a combination of using both English and French languages can only be an advantage anywhere you go.

French Influence on Worldwide Pop Culture

French Influence on Worldwide Pop culture and art is well-known.

Starting from history, literature, art, cinema or fashion, even today, we can learn a lot from French.

It would also be amazing if we all can read books written originally in French, such as Moliere or Victor Hugo, for example. The overall experience would be much better. There are plenty of excellent French writers and poets who only wait to be read.

And we mustn’t forget to mention French cinematography. Those used to light Hollywood movies, we recommend watching some of the
French popular films to see what entertainment really means.

The Art of French Cuisine 

Yes, we can’t imagine today’s world without French art, culture, or fashion. 

But we also can’t imagine the world without delicious French cuisine. That’s why this should be one of the major reasons for learning French.

With French, it’s all about simplicity. And they are certainly right. The simple things are always the best.

Therefore, preparing and trying delicious French food is not all about eating. It’s the art of fascinating meals and especially consuming them, feeling every taste you can feel.

No wonder why so many words related to food and cooking originate from French. 

So, if you like cooking, you can mix the two benefits. You can learn to cook along with learning the language. And Voila! You’ve mashed two potatoes with one fork.

More Travel Experience

One of the main reasons why we all learn languages is to talk to native speakers. It seems so easy saying that but, until we get to that so wanted point, we surely have a lot of work to do.

In the meantime, you can make your traveling plan.

Just think about how many countries you can visit with the privilege called speaking French.

French isn’t spoken only in France, Canada, and Switzerland.

Most of the French speakers are from the African continent.
French-speaking countries in Africa
are among the ones that develop pretty fast.

And we must mention fascinating nature, animals and cultures you can meet while visiting Africa. Communicating with the locals can give you a better insight into their lives on the whole.

Meeting new people and practicing the language with them is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only will you have the privilege to meet new people, their culture, and see amazing places, but you will also learn French dialects and meet
French slang used over there.

Besides, African Sun shines more positively and colorfully, so you definitely don’t want to miss that chance.

French is The Language of Love

Even though the word ‘love’ sounds beautiful in every language, in French, it is indeed different, more romantic.

Just pronounce the word ‘l’amour’ and you’ll get the point.

Not to mention other love words and expressions that sound so adorable in French, especially when a native French speaker pronounces them.

But, is French hard to learn? Well, we’ll be honest. Even though it isn’t the easiest language,
it doesn’t take too long to learn French. Many would vote for the accent and pronunciation as the hardest part of learning French.

But you can make that an advantage. You can find a cute native French to help you with your pronunciation of ‘Je t’aime’ and other love phrases. Or you can exercise
French tongue twisters together.

But don’t make mistakes on purpose so that you can practice longer with that cutie.

French Helps You Learn Other Languages

Learning French is one more step that can help you not only in learning other foreign languages, but also improving your native one. 

French has many words borrowed from other languages, so surely many words originate from French that you aren’t aware of.

For example, there are around 10.000
French words that are used in English
everyday life.

Learning other foreign languages, especially the ones similar to French, will be much easier. For any of the Romance languages, such as Spanish, Italian, Catalan, or Romanian you’ll need half the time to learn than in other circumstances. It works the way that you are already familiar with how it works and which parts you should pay more attention to.

Here’s a reason enough for those who underestimate learning French.

The Other Perspective

When you start learning French, you don’t study the language only. You learn about the culture and the way of life.

And once you immerse yourself into the French world, it will be hard to get out of there because so many new horizons and perspectives will open for you, that you will feel like you’ve woken up after a long sleep. It doesn’t have to be art, literature, or food; it can be the way of looking at life or understanding others that are different from you. long

Thanks to the language, you can see the world with French eyes and act as one of the French-speaking people, which can be an entirely new experience.

Even though we’ve mentioned only 7 reasons why you should start learning French, there are actually at least 77 good reasons why you should start learning it right away. Maybe we can’t give you the reasons right now, but
French tutors surely can. 

After all, it’s not about naming the precise reasons why to learn French. It is about the only reason, and that is because you want to learn it.

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