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What is it?

BBC Xtra is a daily two-hour live magazine program on BBC Arabic radio. A portion of the program is made available as a podcast and is usually around 30 minutes in length. The podcast features a discussion of an interesting social issue and includes listeners who call in to give their views. The callers provide an especially challenging and interesting bit of listening, as they often speak in colloquial Arabic–or mix in their local dialect with MSA.

How can I get it?

The BBC Xtra podcast is available from several sources. You can download it from BBC directly. Or you can subscribe to it on iTunes. The name of each episode is the day’s topic and is usually in English. This is nice, as it allows you to quickly skim over the names to find an interesting topic. Unfortunately, the podcasts are only archived for less than a month. I recommend subscribing on iTunes so that you have a copy of each episode on your computer. This way you can access older episodes you may not have gotten a chance to listen to when they first came out. Each episode has a short description which contains essential keywords you are likely to hear in the podcast.

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