Nurse Who Doesn’t Speak English Prepares Hilarious Note For Foreign Student

Cultural differences and language barriers can result in hilarious travel anecdotes that a person never forgets. And as one international student who was staying at a hospital in China realized, they can also make your stay in the country much more fun. The student in this story was hospitalized in China and assigned a nurse […]

Learn Spanish: Top 100 Free Online Spanish Courses and Lessons

Free Online Spanish Courses Looking for easy-to-follow Spanish lessons that are designed to guide you from one level to the next?  Check out the following free online Spanish courses. The famous FSI courses were created to help US foreign services workers communicate abroad.  Now available for free online, the Spanish courses (seven in total) are […]

Among D.C. United players, a new team-building drill: Spanish lessons

Spanish instructor Katherin Rodriguez hands a lesson plan to Chris Durkin during a Spanish language course also attended by United teammates David Ousted, center, and Russell Canouse, right. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post) After practice and lunch Wednesday, most D.C. United players headed home for the day. Others had meetings or media obligations. For three […]

Do You Need to Speak Spanish to Teach in Spain?

By Andrea S. – Auxiliar de Conversación in Murcia 18/19 Before applying for an Auxiliar de Conversación position in Spain the big question I had was: do you need to know Spanish to teach in Spain? Which, in my opinion, is a completely reasonable question, especially for those venturing into new waters. What I have learned […]

Why This Latin Grammy Winner Is Teaching Children How To Speak Spanish Through Music

Marta Gomez, a Latin Grammy winner, is making it her purpose to teach children Spanish through singing. Partnering with the Global Language Project, Gomez has been able to record Coloreando, which won a Latin Grammy itself, and Coloreando Dos which boost Spanish-language appreciation with traditional Latin-American songs. Marta Gomez, Latin Grammy Winner, performs in Barcelona. […]

WATCH: Smug Hispanic Girl Won’t Speak English, NJ Teacher Gives Her 8-Word Reality Check

A Hispanic student in New Jersey was instructed time after time to practice English, but she smugly refused. Eventually, her teacher had enough of her disrespect and issued a brutal eight-word reality check to the Spanish-speaking girl, and it was all caught on video. Although many people say that we need more educators like this, […]

12 Spanish Movies to Learn Spanish on Netflix

The 12 Best Spanish Movies to Learn Spanish on Netflix One of the most dynamic and effective methods of learning – while also improving your new language skills – is by using multimedia resources, such as watching the best Spanish movies to learn Spanish. Besides using traditional techniques such as reading, memorizing and repeating the […]