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6 ways to learn English using newspapers, broadcasts & apps | EnglishRadar

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6 ways to learn English using newspapers, broadcasts & apps Posted on by EnglishRadar Posted in English vocabulary, Skills: English listening, Skills: English reading, Study ideas Do you keep up to date with the news? Do you prefer newspapers, television or radio news broadcasts, or do you have news apps on your phone? If you like to follow the latest news stories and current affairs, then you can also use it to improve your English skills. Today, we are giving ideas and looking at ways to learn English using newspapers, news broadcasts and apps. How can the news improve your […]

Why thousands of Poles speak English with a Roscommon accent

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Working Abroad Q&A: Each week Irish Times Abroad meets an Irish person working in an interesting job overseas. This week we chat to Michael Gannon. He is originally from Roscommon and works as a tour guide in Gdansk, Poland. Why did you leave Ireland in the first place? Ireland in the early 1980s wasn’t the best place to be and with the strains of the Boomtown Rats’ Banana Republic ringing in our ears , thousands of my generation went sailing across the oceans looking for something different. I spent a couple of years here and there doing different things such as […]

How To Make Alexa Speak Spanish & English With Multilingual Mode

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Amazon Alexa-enabled devices are pretty handy you can ask for bits of trivia, find out the current weather, and even buy things from Amazon’s retail website using your voice. And now, Amazon announced on Friday that customers can talk to Alexa in multiple languages, thanks to its new Multilingual mode. If you’re in the U.S., you now have the ability to speak to Alexa in both Spanish and English. Activating Multilingual mode is super simple all it requires is talking to your device in Spanish. When your Alexa device detects you’re speaking the language, it’ll respond in Spanish. To switch […]

Romanian SEX PEST spared jail as he can’t speak English! – Unity News Network

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A cyclist who was known as the “Brighton bottom slapper” when he attacked lone women in a series of late-night sex assaults has not been sent to jail. Constantin Barbutu, 22, would wear a hoodie to cover his face then he would go up to women and grope or slap them. He initially denied 21 charges of sexual assault, but later admitted 11. Barbutu was too “intellectually impaired” to cope behind bars, Hove Crown Court heard. Judge David Rennie handed him a 12-month suspended sentence and ordered him to complete 40 days of rehabilitation. During the sentencing hearing, Piers Reed, […]

Ex-Chelsea star Hazard doesn’t speak Spanish and it helps him ignore boo boys at Real Madrid

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EDEN HAZARD reckons ignorance is bliss as he battles to become a star at Real Madrid. The former Chelsea star has been booed by the fans and suffered injury following his £150 million move in the summer. Eden Hazard has been booed by the fans and suffered injury following his £150m move in the summerReuters But Belgian Hazard joked: “I still don’t speak Spanish, so I don’t pay attention to criticism. “I know that a lot of people talk about Real Madrid everywhere and that’s why I’m here. I have not had any difficult weeks in Madrid so far.” Hazard […]


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Studying abroad already provides a lot to the English learning process on a daily basis, but how about keep studying after classes or even when you return to your home country? From now on, current students and ex-students of SEDA College can continue to learn English with our online platform, 100% free of charge. This content was originally published here.

Study English in Los Angeles at EC School

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Learn in the best environment Our students come from over 140 countries worldwide. Find out what we can do for you. Find out what it’s like to study with EC Open yourself to a world of exciting possibilities and give yourself a chance to live a different kind of life – the kind you’ve always dreamed of. Discover more How to make the most out of studying at EC Los Angeles Over 45,000 students study at EC schools every year, so we know the challenges you might face and we’re here to ensure your success every step of the way. […]

The Easiest Languages to Learn if You Speak English

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People often ask us: What are the easiest languages to learn if you speak English? Well that’s a very good question… Language learning offers the chance to brighten your world. Along with experiencing the beauty of other cultures and making it easier to communicate with people from around the globe, you’ll also be improving your professional skill set. As the economy continues to move from a local to a global level, being multilingual will become even more of an asset. Perhaps you don’t have a need to learn any particular language but rather a basic desire to broaden your linguistic […]

Do I Need to Learn French to Visit or Move to Paris, France?

Do you need to learn French in order to live in Paris? Nope. Nope. Nope, but let me tell you why you should. I speak French at a conversational level and hardly used it. I did this by either not talking to people, or somehow being approached by 80% of the English speaking people in Paris.  Now, I will say that speaking French does open up a lot more spaces for you and allows you to feel more comfortable in the country. You will get a more immersive experience the more French that you do speak. But, like I was […]

Alexa Can Now Speak Spanish in the US

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You can now speak Spanish to your Alexa-enabled devices in the US. While Alexa would have previously replied with, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand,” she will now be able to respond to your Spanish voice commands and reply in Español. Amazon Teaches Alexa to Speak Spanish in the US Given its proximity to Mexico, the United States has a high number of Spanish speakers. However, Google Home learned to speak Spanish in 2018, it has taken longer for Amazon to teach Alexa how to speak Spanish. But it has finally now happened. In April 2019, Amazon announced that Alexa would […]